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About VISA Information

About VISA Information

VISA INFO Depending on the purpose of your trip to France, different types of visas apply on occasion. Whether you want to visit, study permanently or work in France and stay there, you must apply for another Schengen visa for France accordingly. The visa may have been applied since 1997 when France became a member

All diplomatic missions must submit their visa applications before the disappearance of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A free visa for diplomats / non-diplomats assigned to foreign missions and personnel of Pakistani agencies of the United Nations and their families is issued by the Ministry of the Interior on the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Student applications are accepted by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education. Student visas are issued after the NOC has been received by the Department of Education / Economics / Ministry of Health (if applicable) and by a mission abroad to Pakistan in that country and verification of security.

Foreign students studying in Pakistan with a student in good standing will receive a visa/visa extension for a year of re-entry. The same procedure applies to foreign professors of the International Islamic University of Islamabad.

The representative of Pakistan has the right to issue visas to recognized publishers in Pakistan for the duration of the consultation mission on attachments and verification of instructions, with the exception of Indian publishers, excluding government ministries. Interior or the Karachi Information and Programming Program. Lahore to Islamabad. If you wish to travel to other cities, you should contact the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Pakistani representatives abroad are allowed to issue (multiple) visas to foreign expatriates on the recommendation of the Board of Investment for one year, which can be extended annually to Pakistan. The Investment Authority will process visa applications within four weeks and recommend to the Ministry of the Interior to approve the visa for the mission concerned.


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