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Long Term Visitor Visa UK

Long Term Visitor Visa UK content=”A guest is a person who comes to the UK for 180 days for a temporary purpose. Often, a large majority of applicants wish to apply for a long-term visitor visa after a six-month visit to the United Kingdom. As a result, it refers to …

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Visit Visa

Visit Visa In general, a foreign national intending to enter the United States must first apply for a visa, either a temporary immigration visa or a permanent immigration visa. Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons wishing to enter the United States temporarily for professional reasons (B-1 visa), tourism (B-2 …

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B2 Visa – Tourist Visa USA

B2 Visa – Tourist Visa USA   In addition to working and studying, you can also visit the United States with an American visa. On visitor visas, you can travel to the United States for touristic, professional or medical reasons. You can find the most popular sites in the United …

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UK Dependent VISAS

UK Dependent VISAS The Dependent Visa category allows dependents of a permanent resident or a British citizen to apply for membership in the United Kingdom. This type of application is generally intended for families and children. The person whose permanent resident or British citizen is founded and on which the …

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A visa is required for travel to Switzerland

A visa is required for travel to Switzerland A valid passport and a business visa are required to enter Switzerland. New York: Consulates require travelers to apply directly and may require a personal appearance to obtain your visa. We recommend that you contact the consular post for the latest forms …

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