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How To Create A FREE Blog On WordPress.com (With Images)

Once everything is installed, you’ll have in your path a script called wordpress-upload-post. Pretty cool, right? From this panel you’ll be able to modify virtually anything in your website. This offloading process makes your website loading faster at the user end and your primary server free from this task. These help to speed up the overall process.

  • Responsive parallax theme free
  • Cross Compatible
  • Go to the Upload PDF File option
  • Supports section video background
  • Do you anticipate adding ecommerce
  • No limits on resources

It will help you to detect insecure elements over the web like images, JavaScript, how to speed up wordpress CSS. You can simply toggle over the Paste as Text button and WordPress will take out all of the formatting for you. Now that the image is going to be uploaded at 760 pixels wide, if we don’t set its width in the HTML, it will show up as 760 pixels wide on full sized, desktop versions of your site.

You can check items that want to copy and uncheck items that you don’t want to be copied. Don’t want to use Cloudflare in front of your websites and still wish to offload some assets to CDN without spending a dime on CDN. However, it is necessary that you should uninstall it if you don’t plan to use it.

Overall, the plugin is easy to use and has all the necessary featured required for any kind of file management. If you host your website with cpanel, enable gzip from panel or you can use plugin like Check and Enable GZIP compression, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WPRocket.

Always served gzip version of website to your visitor, because its compress your overall web-page size and makes it faster. Check Gzip Compression of your site with this tool. For this next step we are going to create a quick plugin to place the AdSense code on all pages of your WordPress web site. Add these code in .htacess to enable expire header in WordPress. Mean If you enable expire header for static resources then at the second visit of the same visitor, browser, not downloads same content and display resources from the first visit if it does not expire.


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