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Relation Visa

Relation Visa

Family members of a Nepalese citizen can apply for a visa with the following documents. A certificate of relations established by local authorities to establish relations with Nepali parents Certificate of the nationality of parents (original and photocopy). Affected family members must not be a foreign passport and go personally to DOI to check the

– To renew the visa (non-tourist), the physical presence of your parent (as indicated in the certificate of relationship) is mandatory. If this is not possible, you still have the option to extend a tourist visa (if you do not exceed the 150-day tourist visa limit) for a given visa year (January to December). You can also obtain a Nepalese non-residential card (NRN) issued by the State Department.

Can I get a 15-day tourist visa at the airport, apply for a non-tourist visa (visa relations) with the immigration department and extend my visa for one month?

– You can build your relationship with all your loved ones by blood (within your generation) through a relationship certificate (issued by a local government agency).

– Yes. You can do it completely. However, if you are visiting Nepal for a shorter period, you may consider other options, such as: For example, a 90-day tourist visa, provided at the airport upon arrival. Visa relations are for holders of passports abroad (by blood) to Nepalese citizens who have to stay in Nepal for a variety of reasons. We assume that you are careful not to use this option to save money

– no. You can only work if you get a work permit from the Ministry of Labor. The immigration office can facilitate the process by forwarding your application for a work permit to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Contact DOI (Non-Tourism Visa Section) for more information on required documents. You must go to the Ministry of Labor and follow its procedures to obtain a work/employment permit

– You can have at least a month. Consider a tourist visa if it is a shorter period. The types of non-tourist visas are intended for foreign parents of Nepalese citizens who must stay in Nepal for a long time


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