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UK Dependent VISAS

UK Dependent VISAS

The Dependent Visa category allows dependents of a permanent resident or a British citizen to apply for membership in the United Kingdom. This type of application is generally intended for families and children. The person whose permanent resident or British citizen is founded and on which the application is based is called a “sponsor”

To be considered a dependent, you must be a sponsor, a spouse, a single spouse or a sponsor of civil society. Children under the age of 18 may accompany the sponsor as a sponsor member in the UK. Please note that if you are eligible for EEA citizenship, the age of dependence of children is 21 years old.

Note that other criteria apply, depending on the type of UK visa owned by the sponsor of your application. Please contact us for more information.

As a holder of a visa for dependents, you do not have public funds. Before your application is approved, you must prove that your sponsor (the person in the UK you want to rely on) has the necessary financial resources and is ready to help you.

If your application for a visa for dependents is accepted, you will receive permission to enter the United Kingdom and the freedom to reside in the United Kingdom without restriction. There are no employment restrictions for visa holders, which means you can work in any occupation or skill level.

As mentioned above, as a holder of a visa for dependents, you do not have access to public funds.

If you meet the entry requirements for this visa, you will receive a permanent residence permit in the United Kingdom. Dependent visa holders can generally apply for British citizenship as a British citizen after spending five consecutive years in the United Kingdom.


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