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Visa Information System

Visa Information System

Technology can play an important role in improving and strengthening external borders. Over the years, the EU has developed extensive computer systems for the collection, processing, and exchange of information on the management of external borders. The Visa Information System, which supports the implementation of the EU’s standard visa policy, is an instrument.

The Visa Information System (VIS) enables the Schengen States to exchange information on visas. It consists of a central computer system and a communication infrastructure linking this central system to national systems. VIS links connect third countries and all the external borders of the Schengen States. It processes data and decisions related to short-stay visa applications to visit or pass the Schengen area. The system can perform a biometric match, especially fingerprints, for identification and verification purposes.

Control of operations and issuing of visas: the VIS allows border guards to check whether a person presents a visa, identifies the rights holders, and recognizes persons in the Schengen area without papers or with misleading documents. The use of biometric data to confirm the identity of a visa holder allows for faster, more accurate and safer controls. The system also facilitates the issuance of visas, especially for frequent travelers.

Combine Abuse: While most visa holders abide by the rules, abuse can occur. For example, the VIS helps to combat and prevent misleading behavior such as “visa purchases” (ie visa applications in other EU countries if the first application is refused) .

Assistance in adoption applications: the VIS facilitates the identification of the EU country responsible for examining an asylum application and the examination of these applications.

A 10-digit fingerprint is not required for children under 12 years of age or for those who can not physically finger scan. Frequent travelers in the Schengen area do not need to finger each time they apply for a new visa. Once registered in the VIS, they can be used for additional visa applications within 5 years.

All EU countries should be bound by the national authority that regulates the legalization of the processing of personal data of the country being monitored. The European Data Protection Officer will monitor activities at European level.


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